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All Change

After 9 years and 45 editions of the "hard copy" Elfmeter, David Wangerin is standing down and the new editor is Paul Snook - you can e-mail him on elfmeter97@aol.com , he will be extra specially pleased if you send him some articles on German footy!

Our brave new Webmeister is Richard Waugh who will be redesigning and improving these pages no end in the coming months - if you want to offer any help please e-mail him at ricw@jamtarts.ednet.co.uk CompuServe User ID: 100654,2541

What is Elfmeter?

Elfmeter is the world's only English-language magazine devoted exclusively to German football.

Elfmeter is written by fans, for fans, not for money but out of a love of the game, however misguided it may be. It comes out about five times a year from a modest home in South Staffordshire and is enjoyed by fans of German football from all over the world.

If you are looking for colour photos of your favourite players, competitions in which you could win yourself a pair of football boots, or endless stories about how big and famous Bayern Munchen are, then please don't read Elfmeter. If on the other hand you'd be interested in how Germany re-launched football after the Second World war, or the smallest city ever to have a professional team, or an update on the regional third divisions, or some anagrams of Borussia Moenchengladbach, you might want to give us a try.

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How can I subscribe?

We'd like to send you a free copy of Elfmeter. No, really, we insist. All you have to do is send us an SAE and mention how you heard about us. (If you live outside the UK, send us three International Reply Coupons to cover postage costs.) We'll provide you with a sample copy, information about how to subscribe, and back issue availability, and we'll also try to flog some of the other stuff we've produced, including The Fussball Book, our English-language statistical Meisterwerk.

But if you are so impressed you want to subscribe now it's easy - just send 6 for six issues if in the UK, 8 for five issues if in Europe or 10 for five issues from anywhere else. Cheques payable to Elfmeter97 please.

Snail mail for free copy or subscription request

30 Capel Close

E-mail for subscription enquiries: elfmeter97@aol.com

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What is this WWW site about?

This is the on-line version of the fanzine and contains articles taken from the extensive archives of Elfmeter. In fact this site is now one whole year old and since we started we have had accesses. That's ever such a lot isn't it?

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Recommended web sites

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  • access to stats pages and other useful stuff
  • German football site
  • A club site from a previous on-line article:Waldhof (Mannheim)
  • a general German football site
  • FC Kaiserslautern.
  • very informative site on German footy
  • German soccer video page

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